Statement &Bio
25 11月 2019

Sans Xiao Han

Sans Xiao Han is a London and Shanghai-based photographic artist. He is a current MA Photography student at Royal College of Art. He was a freelance photographer living in Shanghai. His lens embodies his thinking and imagination of other individuals and their social relations. In his photography, various relationships between environment and huamn often emerge as visual elements. The statements are his reflections on the mediocre life, but also the resistance to the established order-triviality, stagnation and chaos are all re-integrated. He is focused on the relationship between individuals and the environment, coexisting and confronting each other.

In recent years, Xiao exhibited his works in Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (2021, China) and Lishui International Photography Festival (2021, China). Recent prizes and awards he has received include 2022 ND Awards international photography contest, Honourable Mention and 2023 Lensculture Art Photography Awards, Finalist.